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Legends of Valeros is a new Medieval-Fantasy MMORPG Minecraft Server that is redefining the Minecraft Server Community with groundbreaking never before seen features and a stunning, spectacular map. The server revolves around an intensive storyline which takes players on a journey that can only be described as an epic adventure. However, the combat system can be played, experienced, and progressed entirely on its own without the storyline getting in the way if the player is less inclined to following the story.

People are going missing. Whole colonies, settlements, and towns are going completely dark. Members of all Races alike. The lands of Valeros are on the brink of war. No one is willing to say it, but the world is facing the most dangerous threat it has ever faced. One very specific man might be all that stands between Valeros, and utter annihilation. You must travel across the lands of Valeros and investigate the dark things that have been plaguing these once peaceful lands; gather a team of intelligent, tough, and deadly allies to aid you in in your quest to uncover the truth, and eliminate the threat. But will they be quick enough? Or will this mysterious presence take Valeros deeper into darkness.